Happy Travels! Edit

Chat Group: School Friends Edit

G: Announcement!

JF: What?

T: ?

G: Were going to America! Anybody else want to come?

R:I’m in!

O: Me too!

G: Everybody in? Well, yes? See you at Sunday!

JH: Just to tell you I’m ridin’ my own car…k?

G: Everybody else, with me…

—— Everybody Left ——

At J’s House... Saturday... Edit

JF: Hello everyone but you Izac

T: Hi!

G: So, what time are we going to Amber Airport?

JF: 8:55

G: (Looks at Watch)

Watch: 10:00 AM

JF: Why don’t we play games while we are waiting?

Ro: (Knock Knock)

JF: Who is it?

Ro: Isaac

JF: Ok come in... (opens door)

Ro: Thank you…

G: (Enters Lab)

R: (Plays Fortnite)

JH: (Plays Fortnite)

O: (Plays Minecraft with Gideon)

JF: (plays forza horizon 4) Bob & Rob pack your bags

Bob & Rob: Meow

In G’s Car... Edit

G: (Starts car)

I: LETS GO!!!!!

Car: (Starts driving forward)

Bob&Rob: (sleeps on Jaidens lap)

G: (toots horn at stupid driver in a bmw)

Pengu: PENGU!


Cuttle: (Makes Water Bubbles)

J: (whispers) It’s ok go back to sleep

I: How much longer till we are there

G: 30 minutes

I: ok  

JF: (Starts playing forza horizon 4 on the Computer)

Ro: I’m bored

Note: Edit

This story is not done yet, so this is a WIP. The rest of the story are TBA